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Facts are at the foundation of every legal matter

HAI | Legal is a nationally-recognized research and analysis consultancy with expertise spanning multiple subject matters and topics. Our team prides itself on delivering insight and perspective on the most difficult factual research questions.
We have unsurpassed knowledge of federal, state, and local records and expertise conducting research around the globe in a wide variety of archives, libraries, government offices, and private record collections.

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Your organization needs a responsive partner with unsurpassed knowledge of federal, state, and local records and experience conducting time-sensitive research on a variety of subjects and topics.

At HAI | Legal, we know how to decipher the often arcane systems used to organize historical records, as well as how to employ cutting-edge digital tools–and compile and deliver the evidence in a variety of formats.

HAI | Legal - The Factual Research and Analysis Consultancy

Our Areas of Expertise Include:

  • PRP searches and CERCLA cost recovery
  • Product liability and toxic torts research
  • Corporate succession/corporate genealogy
  • State of knowledge investigations
  • Government contract searches
  • Forensic environmental investigations
  • Land use, watershed, and site histories
  • Nuclear and coal industry histories
  • Holocaust and looted art investigations
  • Native American rights disputes
  • Water rights and coastal erosion disputes
  • Insurance recovery research
  • Intellectual property investigations
  • Legislative and regulatory history
  • Manufactured gas plant (MGP) issues
  • Historic tradition of gun laws
  • Cost allocation analysis
  • Slavery disclosure research
  • Climate change research

Expert Testimony and Rule 30(b)(6) Representatives

HAI | Legal is a nationally recognized research and analysis consultancy with experience providing expert witness service to the environmental, energy, government contracts, insurance recovery, and toxic torts practice areas.

FOIA and FOIL Professional Services

HAI | Legal is a nationally recognized expert in obtaining documents through federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, state and local Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) requests, and other sunshine laws.

Crisis Management Support

Understanding historical context—and confirming the relevant facts—can be at the heart of crisis management. HAI | Legal has assisted law firms, corporate counsel, and public relations professionals in understanding the complex social, political, and economic dimensions of crisis situations.

Mergers & Acquisitions Due Diligence

As you work through the complex process of blending the operations, finances, and marketing of two or more companies, let our team provide an independent, experienced perspective to uncover sources of potential litigation and to retain the relevant legacies of both companies.

Regulatory Compliance Research

Since 1981, HAI | Legal has provided research in support of federal, state, and local compliance and enforcement responses. Top national and regional law firms trust HAI to undertake critical and time-sensitive research tasks with discretion and efficiency.
Regulatory Compliance Research
HAI Legal | The Factual Research and Analysis Consulting

Start Your Research Investigation

Prior to accepting new engagements, HAI | Legal undertakes a standard conflicts check to ensure that we are free and clear to work on your matter.

For a conflicts check we will typically need the following information:

  • Your ultimate client
  • Adverse parties
  • Named co-defendants (if potentially adverse)
  • Name of specific sites (if applicable)
  • Type of legal or regulatory matter
  • Case citation for the legal matter (if available)

Once we confirm that we are clear to work on the matter, HAI | Legal will schedule a project briefing to discuss scope and potential level of effort.

If your research need is urgent - please call us directly at 301.279.9697