Expert Testimony and Rule 30(b)(6) Representatives

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HAI | Legal is a nationally recognized research and analysis consultancy with experience providing expert witness service to the environmental, energy, government contracts, insurance recovery, and toxic torts practice areas.

Since 1981, our PhD and MA-educated historians and subject-matter experts have served as consulting experts and as corporate representatives under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 30(b)(6), providing historical analysis and subject matter expertise on an array of matters.

Expertise on an array of matters including:

  • CERCLA cost recovery
  • Land, water, and boundary disputes
  • Site use histories
  • State of knowledge investigations
  • Corporate genealogy and corporate succession
  • Asbestos/toxic torts

Our experts and Rule 30(b)(6) representatives conform to the highest professional standards of the discipline and our multidisciplinary staff has a wide range of topical knowledge and technical expertise. We also routinely collaborate with experts from other disciplines. HAI | Legal has the in-house capability to prepare compelling demonstrative evidence—such as GIS interactive maps, site overlays, and other interactive visuals—for trial, mediation, and settlement negotiations.

In addition to trial and mediation testimony, our in-house experts can help draft regulatory filings; assist in pretrial motions and discovery requests; authenticate documents under the Federal Rules of Evidence; and organize and analyze historical materials provided by opposing parties, experts, and eyewitnesses.

HAI | Legal has completed more than 1,400 historical research investigations—we have extensive experience in delivering insight and perspective in support of the most complex legal matters.

HAI Legal | The Factual Research and Analysis Consulting

Start Your Research Investigation

Prior to accepting new engagements, HAI | Legal undertakes a standard conflicts check to ensure that we are free and clear to work on your matter.

For a conflicts check we will typically need the following information:

  • Your ultimate client
  • Adverse parties
  • Named co-defendants (if potentially adverse)
  • Name of specific sites (if applicable)
  • Type of legal or regulatory matter
  • Case citation for the legal matter (if available)

Once we confirm that we are clear to work on the matter, HAI | Legal will schedule a project briefing to discuss scope and potential level of effort.

If your research need is urgent - please call us directly at 301.279.9697