Hannah Berman

Hannah Berman

Research Historian

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Hannah joins HAI with a passion for rediscovering untold stories and making history exciting and accessible for all. Hannah’s experience in the public history world has allowed her to foster an understanding of how to effectively present historical information to diverse audiences. Hannah looks forward to applying these skills to HAI’s various projects and is excited to see her historical knowledge continue to develop within the Research Historian position.

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Hannah grew up just north of New York City, where she was able to cultivate a passion for historic sites and figures from a young age. She chose to attend Queens College, where she earned her B.A. in History and minored in Anthropology. While at Queens College, Hannah participated in the Legacy Project internship program at Mount Hebron Cemetery where she researched Jewish war veterans. At NYU, Hannah pursued her M.A. in Archives and Public History, where she studied the history of colonial and early American Jewry, digital history and curation, and methodologies for effectively presenting historical information to the public. Hannah applied her public history skills to her internship at the Museum at Eldridge Street, where she developed a digital exhibition displaying the Lower East Side’s cultural and social transition in the 1970s. Hannah’s M.A. thesis focuses on shifting the quintessential Jewish historical narrative away from victimization towards empowerment. She now resides in Silver Spring, Maryland with her husband.