Hannah Wilson

Research Historian

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Hannah is passionate about combining research strategies from multiple subjects in order to understand the past and present. Her experiences in science, math, history, and archaeology help her to provide comprehensive resources and analysis for a variety of clients.

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Hannah grew up reading historical nonfiction with her dad, which cultivated a love of history and learning from a young age. She started volunteering at the Logan Museum of Anthropology in high school and worked on projects to re-organize and digitize artifacts.

Hannah went on to study Archaeology at the University of Minnesota with minors in Statistics and History. While obtaining her B.A., Hannah was part of the curatorial team at the Bell Museum Herbarium, where she conducted research on preservation of historical plant samples to protect knowledge of rare species.

She then earned a Master’s of Science in Archaeology with distinction from the University of Edinburgh. Her dissertation focused on human migrations during the Viking Age using historical sources and isotopic chemical analysis of bone.