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Our multidisciplinary team of historians and researchers have expertise spanning a variety of subject matters and topics. Clients trust us for potentially responsible party (PRP) searches; state of knowledge investigations; product liability and toxic torts research; environmental/chemical usage research; corporate succession and corporate genealogy research; land use, watershed, and site histories; intellectual property investigations; government contract searches; climate change research; and slavery era disclosure and compliance research.

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Manufactured Gas Plant Investigations
Where do insurers and reinsurers go when they need historical research in support of a long-tail liability claim dispute? When
How corporate genealogy research can reduce a client’s liability in toxic tort litigation.  Client Challenge A well-known agricultural equipment company
Using forensic historical research to determine the allocation of environmental cleanup costs. Client Challenge A major chemical manufacturer had been
This illustrated full-scale coffee table book documents the first 35 years of this colorful and influential law firm. The story

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Preventing Data Loss: Steps Toward Long-Term Digital Preservation
Will you be able to access your important digital documents twenty years from now? Data from NASA’s Viking missions to
Documenting Shock and Awe: Researching Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom
This post is featured on the History Associates timeline. It is ironic that our most recent military history is at
The federal government does much of its business through contracts. These documents define the relationship between the government and its
By Justin Broubalow, Research Historian Our legal clients often ask us to investigate events in the recent historical past. Roughly
By Scott Vierick, Historian In Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, the NPS is responsible for maintaining most of the historic
One hundred years ago today, the Tennessee General Assembly voted to ratify the 19th Amendment, becoming the 36th state to

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