Law Firm History Book – Arnold & Porter: The Early Years 1946

Arnold & Porter: The Early Years 1946 – 1980

This illustrated full-scale coffee table book documents the first 35 years of this colorful and influential law firm. The story is rooted in the New Deal, where the expertise of future partners Thurman Arnold, Abe Fortas, and Paul Porter grew along with the federal government. From the very beginning the firm demonstrated a remarkable ability to combine faithful and innovative representation of corporate clients with a firm commitment to social justice. As the story moves through landmark postwar cases both themes come through in precedent-setting communications and antitrust work and legendary representation of red scare victims and down-and-outer Clarence Gideon, whose case established for all time the right to counsel in criminal cases.

The character of the firm comes through not only in courtroom stories but also in tales of mentorship as the founding group gave way to a second generation steeped in the idealism of the sixties and an institutional commitment to pro bono work that would come to define the firm. The book is a much needed reminder that in Washington as elsewhere, Paul Porter’s advice remains the best: “when in doubt, do the right thing.”

Hard cover, color, full scale coffee table book with sidebars and illustrations, 12” x 11¾ ” with index, 250 pages.