HAI | Legal Case Studies

Matt Albert

Slavery Disclosure Research
A city ordinance requires that all financial institutions disclose historical investments or profits from slavery. Client Challenge A major U.S.
Tracing Holocaust Assets
HAI | Legal investigators determine the rightful ownership of Holocaust-era looted art. Client Challenge When questions arose surrounding the rightful
Product Liability Cases
The reconstruction of the fact record is critical in product liability cases. Client Challenge In an asbestos exposure case brought
Durable Legacy: A History of Morris, Nichols, Arsht & Tunnell (2005) Produced for the seventy-fifth anniversary of the noted Wilmington
How do you score a touchdown when documenting “common knowledge” for a statute of limitation case? Client Challenge Counsel at
Product Liability and Asbestos Research
How do you prove a historical negative—and do so within an extremely tight legal deadline? Client Challenge Like many companies